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How to live here after you arrived

For many people, it is a period of one year of challenge, because to be means to find a place for you in a foreign country. For many people it is possible, but the others have to travel a long way. How can a person become incorporated in the new environment? Is there a job, open neighbours, leisure facilities?

We want to create places that support the existence: in Wittstock in the Catharina-Dänicke-Haus in the Gröperstraße, in Kyritz in Mehrgenerationenhaus, and in Neuruppin in Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße in the Café Hinterhof.

  • Mediation and clarification to everyday questions (school system, holidays, how can I find a job? What recreational facilities are there? ...)
  • Mediation of family sponsors who support and accompany the family and the children individually, experienced migrants and locals are godparents for refugee families
  • Make leisure, participate in cultural events, celebrate and invite locals
  • Mediation and accompaniment to welfare offices, agencies and counselling centres.
  • Language skills learning, knowledge deepening, playing with children, for example, in a lecture theatre, in game actions, with small groups of volunteers

There are more information, actual dates and photos on our website on facebook.


daSein nach dem Ankommen:
Wittstock und Kyritz:
03394.402 747
Christiane Schulz 0160.6701818

Maher Azzam
03391 4005555

Birte Schmidt


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